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Professional singer and keyboard player Jerry, has played for and supporting acts like; The Commodores, Air Supply, Hermans Hermits & Little River Band to name a few.


Jerry is The Rock’n Soul Choir’s audio production guru with a Diploma in IT (Systems Administration) and a wealth of experience in sound editing, engineering and production.

Aside from teaching choirs and vocal groups, Jerry also teaches piano and songwriting. His previous teaching experience has included working at Yamaha School of Music and lecturing in keyboards and recording techniques at Erindale Tafe College in Canberra.

Owning a recording studio, Jerry specializes in writing music for radio, film and television.  He has written soundtracks for the ABC, and Channel 7.  Jerry has worked with international advertising agencies and clients, writing everything from film music scores for American National Geographic documentaries to sound effects for a Jurassic style theme park.

Having been appointed as the Music Director to three of South East Asia’s largest recording studios, his work focused on the writing, arranging and production of commercial music for radio, film and television. His credits included;  Toyota *Sony * Nokia * Pepsi, *Phillips *Pizza Hut *KFC * MacDonalds *Proctor & Gamble *Oil of Ulay * Milo *Nescafe *2000 Commonwealth Games *Adidas *Sega *Hoyts  *MAS (Malaysian Airlines) and a host of others. During this time, Jerry also wrote a number of musicals, some of which are still being played throughout South East Asia today.

Now based in Sydney, Jerry continues to write music for overseas production houses though basing his heart on his family of 7 and the Rock’n Soul Choir.  Jerry hopes to encourage people of all generations to experience the thrill of singing in a professional performance environment and offer them the opportunity of stage experience that they might not have otherwise thought possible.

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