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2024 Term Dates

Join us anytime and get ready to Rock and Soul! 

2024 Waitara (Mondays) 
Term 1: 5th Feb - 8th Apr 

Term 2: 29th Apr to 1st Jul

Term 3:  22nd Jul to 23rd Sept

Term 4: 14th Oct to 16th Dec

2024 Castle Hill (Wednesdays)

Term 1: 7th Feb - 10th Apr 

Term 2: 1st May to 3rd Jul

Term 3:  24th Jul to 25th Sept

Term 4: 16th Oct to 18th Dec

2024 Ryde (Thursdays)

Term 1: 8th Feb - 11th Apr 

Term 2: 2nd May to 4th Jul

Term 3:  25th Jul to 26th Sept

Term 4: 17th Oct to 19th Dec

2024 Public Holidays                          

Term 1: 1st Apr  (Easter Monday)

Term 2: 10th Jun  (King's Birthday)

Venue Change Notes                         


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